Welcome to Resilient Communities


Resilient Communities is working to increase community awareness of adverse childhood experiences and the long term health impacts that can follow. We are committed to the positive development of children and families, and specifically to the prevention of all forms of child abuse and neglect. Our approach to identifying and solving interrelated community problems includes improving our interpersonal connections (relationships); improving our view or mindset of shared responsibility; and improving the collective impact of our efforts.

We all share responsibility for the well-being of children. Everyone in our community plays a role in a healthy & resilient community! We want to help people (all across the community) identify things they can do to help build a more desirable community where children (and adults) have safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments to grow in. Through multiple collaborations with businesses, agencies and individuals we will help build resilience in Wapello County.

Wapello County Children's Alliance

The Wapello County Children’s Alliance works to increase community awareness of child abuse and neglect as well as support and implement primary and secondary prevention programming for children and families in our local communities. Through multiple collaborations with community service providers, 

1.) We work to make everyone aware of the trauma of child abuse and neglect.

2.) We promote and support primary and some secondary prevention community programs and activities that build strong families.

3.) We blend funding streams as much as possible ensuring greater reach of programming and service throughout the community. The Wapello County Children’s Alliance members come from a wide perspective of community involvement and participate in multiple community groups with similar child prevention, protection, and programming goals.


Children’s Alliance

Wapello County Children’s Alliance received their 501c3 non-profit status in 2009.  We lay the groundwork to deliver the great childhoods that all children deserve. We promote services that improve child well-being and fund programs that help to prevent all types of abuse and neglect.



Wapello County Children’s Alliance was awarded funds for a Resilient Communities Project. The Project will focus on raising awareness of the trauma of child abuse and neglect and showcase how we, as a community, can work together to build strong families and prevent child maltreatment.



“I am ecstatic to see this project begin in Wapello County. This is an opportunity for members of our community (from business owners to kids) to take  accountability for the community we have created and what we want it to be. It is an opportunity to grow, learn and make changes so we can work to become a truly healthy community,” – Cara Galloway, Wapello County Children’s Alliance Executive Council Member.